Neon and Neutral, or Something Like That

La mode: Lately I’ve been a party pooper when it comes to blogger challenges. My lack of lace made Tuesday’s Everybody Everywear challenge impossible, while lack of planning is the reason I’ve missed several Friend Fridays in a row. And I’m not sure what it was that made me not want to jump on the latest 30 for 30 bandwagon, but I’m not doing that one either. See? Party. Pooper.

Cardigan: NY&Co; tank: Old Navy; shorts: Gap; scarf in hair: Gap, maybe?; earrings: Target; wedges: Old Navy

However, when (the recently engaged) Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly issued a Bloggers Do It Better challenge this week, daring us to combine neon and neutrals, I jumped on board. 

I may have jumped a bit hastily, because I realized that while I have a lot of brights in my wardrobe, I don’t have much that could actually be considered “neon”. Surprisingly, this tank top I picked up for a couple of bucks at Old Navy is the closest thing I have to being highlighter-worthy. I’m still not sure that it’s neon, but it’s close enough.

By the way, I'm still experimenting a little with the style and content of my posts. I decided to do my headings en fran├žais to incorporate the "French" theme a little more. I'm still liking the combined fashion/food posts, but what are your thoughts? Do you like the more structured format, or do you prefer the separate food and fashion posts with fairly random content? Any constructive feedback is appreciated!

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