A Little Refreshment: Cool Colors and Drinks

Wearing: One of the perks of having a job where all you do is type all day is being able to wear uncomfortable shoes. I mean, the only walking I do is to and from my car and the break room. Therefore, shoes that had previously been ruled “not for work” when it came to teaching, have now been given the green light.

Cardigan: Gap; black tank: Target; skirt: Gap; earrings: Charlotte Russe; scarf: Target; belt: Gap; sandals: Target

That means I finally got to bust out these Target knockoffs of the Seychelles shoe I’d been lusting after for the past year or so. I’m sure the real deal is more comfortable, but I couldn’t pass these up when I saw them on sale at Target. And again, I wasn’t worried about my feet being uncomfortable during a day full of sitting. (Now my fingers, on the other hand… they’re exhausted.)

I was channeling J from J’s Everyday Fashion in this outfit. I loved her mix of black, white, and turquoise blue, and since I had similar pieces myself I decided to give it a try. I really like how it turned out, and it’s a nice departure from my recent jeans craze. 

Drinking: Have you guys tried McDonald’s new Frozen Strawberry Lemonade? I just did today, and I might just be making a habit of it this summer. What's your favorite treat so far this summer?

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