Happiness is a Tee Shirt and a Warm Carnita

Wearing: I’m taking advantage of my office’s relaxed dress code. Not only am I wearing jeans, but I’m also wearing a tee shirt. Not a solid tee for layering, not a blouse, but a full-on graphic tee shirt. While it may seem like a slippery slope leading straight to flip flops, I decided to move in the opposite direction with wedge sandals and a bright belt. (Both of which I can’t seem to wear enough lately!)

Beatles tee: Forever 21; jeans: thrifted Gap; turquoise belt: Old Navy; yellow espadrilles: NY and Co

This tee is one of my favorites (of course, it’s a Beatles tee!) and I wear it all the time on weekends. It rarely makes it on the blog, however. That's a shame though, because there’s something about this shirt; when I wear it, I feel fine, as if I could wear it eight days a week. Help! I can’t seem to stop myself…

How do you turn your weekend wear into weekday wear?

Eating: I made pork Carnitas in the slow cooker a couple of weeks ago, and somehow forgot to share them with you all. Luckily I didn't forget to photograph them, even if I only did get one good shot.

I used this recipe from The Kitchn, and the first night we had them straight from the slow cooker, they were heavenly. There were lots of leftovers, so when I reheated the meat, I browned it in a skillet, to make it a little crispy. I ate the pork taco-style on white corn tortillas with some Monterey jack cheese and cilantro. I’m drooling a little just remembering. 

Hello goodbye, I've got a feeling I'll be seeing you soon. Until then, have a good day sunshine.

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