So Much to Say

Well, I finally found a summer job. My last substitute job is Monday, and on Tuesday I start as a data entry clerk for a lab. I know, data entry sounds thrilling, and you’re all jealous. No, seriously, I am very thankful; it’s a job that will last all summer, with regular (read: no weekend) hours.

Cardigan: Gap Outlet (similar); ruffled blouse: Loft; cropped khakis: Gap; necklace: Forever 21 (similar); belt: Old Navy (pink version); espadrilles: NY & Co (similar)

Today I’m continuing the copycat theme from Tuesday; I just can’t help myself, I’ve seen so many great outfits I want to make my own! Today I stole this look from J’s Everyday Fashion, a blog I found recently and absolutely love! She has a way of mixing bold colors in a way that is very put together and professional, and her budget-friendly takes on inspiration photos are spot-on. 

I realize this post is very random today, but I also wanted to thank you all for all your tips from Tuesday. Thanks to you, I’ll be buying Downy Wrinkle Release now but saving up for a steamer for later. Also, as soon as the sun decides to come back to Kansas, I’ll be putting lemon juice on my tomato juice stained white pants and setting them out to dry. You guys are such a well of knowledge!

Song: So Much to Say by Dave Matthews Band

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