Maxi Skirts and Meatballs Equal Comfort

Wearing: When trying to decide what to wear for my first day at the office where I’m working this summer, two things crossed my mind. One, I was told it is a casual environment, so I don’t want to overdress (at least not the first day) and two, offices are usually cold. I’m sure that’s not always the case, but it seems like every time I’ve worked in an office I’ve been miserable if I didn’t have a cardigan or jacket with me, even in the summer. Especially in the summer.

White tee: Old Navy; vest: Gap; maxi skirt: Old Navy; earrings: Charlotte Russe; sandals: BC Footwear

I hate being cold so much that I’ve contemplated bringing a blanket to places where I know it will be cold. Well, I did not embarrass myself by bringing a blanket to my first day of work, but I did bring the next best thing: a maxi skirt. My legs stayed nice and toasty as I typed away. My arms on the other hand, were a little chilly. I guess I should have brought a maxi skirt Snuggie (which I suppose would just be a long-sleeved maxi-dress). 

Eating: Just as a maxi-skirt could be considered comfort-clothes, meatballs certainly are comfort food. Particularly when they’re accompanied by a bowl full of pasta. I made a variation of Rachael Ray’s recipe for veal polpette (mini-meatballs), but since I was on a turkey kick this week (it was on sale) I made turkey polpette instead. If you'd like a printable recipe, go here.  

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