Flowers in Her Hair, Flowers Everywhere

I love my stripes, I love my dots, but when it comes to spring, the print that I love most is floral. Lucky for me, floral print is just what everyone voted on for Every Body Every Wear May. The only problem I had was which floral print to choose! 

Floral button-up: Old Navy; green skirt: Mossimo, Target (similar); turquoise belt: Old Navy (pink version); flower pin: Target (similar); leather floral sandals: Gap (similar)

I decided to go for this bright floral-print button up I just got for a steal at Old Navy. Sometimes, I’m a less-is-more kind of gal, but this time I really wanted to amp up the floral-factor. So I added my bright pink flower pin (which was a hit with the elementary kids I saw yesterday) and my bronze leather flowery sandals. 

How are you wearing floral prints this spring?

Song: (I Love) The Flower Girl by the Cowsills 

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