But Time is Gonna Change

Because it’s May, I can’t help thinking about how my days as a substitute teacher are numbered. In some ways, I couldn’t be happier; I won’t miss sitting at the computer trying to quickly snag a job, or feeling like I wasted my time when I spent hours looking and got nowhere. I won’t miss the fact that I never get to know students because I’m only with them for an hour or two on a given day. I won’t miss students, ignoring the name neatly written on the board, calling me Miss Sub.

Olive button-up: Gap (I have to do a little bragging here, I paid $10 for this shirt); denim pencil skirt: Converse One Star, Target (similar); necklace: Oh Sweetlee Me (from Much Love Illy giveaway); brown braid belt: Loft (similar); snake print sandals: Ann Taylor Factory Store, gift (similar)

However, the overwhelming majority of my experience as a substitute has been a positive one. Most of the people (including students) I meet on a daily basis are friendly and helpful. I will miss getting to do something different every day, and knowing that if things don’t go well with one class I’ll get to start fresh the next day with a new one. I’ll miss all the free time I’ve had because I didn’t have to take home any grading or planning. And let’s face it, I’ll miss all the reading I’ve been able to get done.

I know this has nothing to do with what I’m wearing, but it’s something that’s been on my mind lately. What about you, how do you feel when you leave one job to start another?

Song: This is the Time by Billy Joel

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