The Blog Skirt

Wearing: When I saw this skirt at a consignment shop, I grabbed it right away. I felt very attracted by the colors and pattern; then I realized why. It totally coordinates with the background of my blog! Now I suppose that isn’t reason enough to buy a skirt, but I couldn’t walk away since it was also in my size and from a well-made brand (Ann Taylor), not to mention at a great price.

This is what I wore for my last substitute job, possibly ever. I’m a little behind, outfit-wise, because I actually started my summer job today. It’s going to take some time getting used to data-entry land. I’m in front of the computer all day, but I’m not allowed to use it for non-business purposes, so e-mail and blogging are out. It’s a cruel, cruel world.

Blouse: Loft; skirt: thrifted Ann Taylor; earrings: Target; belt: Old Navy; espadrilles: NY & Co. 

Eating: Last night my aunt and cousin were in town, so we went to dinner at one of their favorite places, (and let’s face it, mine too) Ponak’s. I had the puffy tacos, which is pretty much just a fancy way of saying fried. However you want to phrase it, my meal was delicious! Paired with chips, salsa, margaritas and great company, it was quite a night.

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