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Well, I don’t feel any older today, but I am. 28 years old, just two years away from the big 3-0. Not that I’m dreading 30, I just feel like it’s such a milestone. Like I should accomplish a few more things before I get there. I guess I’d better get started, since I only have two years to go!

Cardigan: Mossimo, Target (similar); black feather-print top: Forever 21 (similar); black and white stripe skirt: Forever 21 (similar); chain and pearl necklace: Jess LC; black leather belt: Gap (similar); turquoise bow flats: Nine West (similar)

As I mentioned last week, Aaron and I celebrated my birthday over the weekend. We went to dinner, had some gelato, and watched a movie. Nothing fancy, but it was exactly what I wanted. To make my birthday weekend even more perfect, I did a little shopping too. Finally, yesterday we went to our church’s Easter service, which was beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!

This was what I was planning to wear to my birthday dinner, but I changed at the last minute due to the sudden onset of freezing leg syndrome, brought on by current weather conditions. But, since I did really like this outfit and plan to wear it again when my FLS (doesn’t it sound official when I abbreviate it?) clears up, I decided to post the pictures anyway. I love these two black and white patterns together, and the turquoise shoes add a fun pop of color. 

Song: Birthday by the Beatles
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