Une part de bonheur

Yesterday I went to have lunch with the French teachers I’m going to be working with next year as well as the two teachers who are retiring. I was so glad I had a chance to meet them before August; I’ve been so curious about them! I know it’s only April, but I’m getting so excited about next year. I also feel very overwhelmed: there’s so much I have to learn, and I feel like I have big shoes to fill. 

Purple tee: Daisy Fuentes, Kohl's; gray cords: Loft; gray statement necklace: Francesca's; black wedge sandals: Merona, Target

I wasn’t sure exactly what we’d be doing after lunch, so I wanted to dress comfortably but professionally. Enter my gray cords. I know they make all-too-frequent appearances here, but they really are my all-purpose pants. With sandals and a slightly dressed-up tee, they were perfect for an afternoon of discussing classroom activities, learning French songs and even a dance or two! 

Song: La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf
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