On a Crazy Adventure

Think of this post as one of those “choose your own adventure” stories. Do you remember those? Did you love them as much as I did? Did you read all the endings because it drove you crazy not to know? Anyway, since I’m having trouble thinking of things to talk about today, I’m going to let you pick. For complaints about the weather, continue to the next paragraph; for why I’m looking forward to the weekend, go to paragraph three; finally, if you just want the outfit details go to the captions beneath the photos.

Pink ruffle cardigan: Loft (Similar-ish); black and white print tank (even better); black jeans: Gap (skinnier version); wingtip maryjanes: Isaac Mizrahe for Target (similar

No matter what you want to call it, (Jo christened it “Sprinter” and to Ms. Monkeyface it’s “Wing”) this transitional period between winter and spring has carried on for far too long. One day it’s practically warm enough for air conditioning, the next I’m forced to turn my heater back on. Not cool. And I’ve vowed not to open up my tights drawer until the fall, but if this weather keeps up I’m going to have to break that vow. 

Earrings: NY & Co (similar); necklace: Oh Sweetlee Me, won from Much Love Illy Giveaway

Not interested in my whining about the weather huh? Weekend plans it is then. I’m especially looking forward to this weekend, since not only is it Easter weekend, but I’m also going to be celebrating my birthday! (My birthday is actually Monday, but Aaron has a school function that night. Bummer.) I’m looking forward to dinner at Spin Pizza, a play, and hopefully some ice cream in there somewhere. What are you excited to do this weekend?

I hope you enjoyed today’s adventure.

Song: At the Beginning from the animated picture Anastasia
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