Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On Quality Street

When it comes to shopping, do you choose quantity over quality, or vice versa? I’m always conflicted. When I’m in the preparation phase of shopping (for example, before I have birthday money to spend) I imagine buying one or two “special” pieces (i.e. a nice top from J. Crew or some jewelry from Anthropologie). However, during the action phase (when I have the birthday money in my hands) the power of the bargain always triumphs. That's what happened when I spotted this vest at Gap on sale for $5.

White button-up: Forever 21 (similar); blue print vest: Gap; jeans: Old Navy (similar); black flat sandals: BC Footwear, (same style in pewter)

Sure, J. Crew is dreamy. But when I’m browsing their site, those pesky wheels in my head start turning, and I wonder if I really need to pay $79.50 for a cotton shirt. I mean, is the quality really $65 better than the one I got at Old Navy? That’s not a rhetorical question; I’ve never paid eighty bucks for a shirt so I honestly don’t know. 

The only compromise I can come up with is to shop the sales at quality, middle-of-the-road stores like Gap and Loft, and to look for brands like J. Crew and Anthro at thrift stores. Do you have any strategies for buying quality pieces on a budget?

Song: Quality Street by Van Morrison

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