A Long, Long, Long Time

It appears that Photobucket is having some issues, and that is why things are looking less than pretty over here. Hopefully, things will be fixed soon... Or I'll have to come up with a Plan B. Thanks for your patience! 

At long last, I decided to jump on the maxi dress bandwagon. And just in time too, considering today is Every Body Every Wear’s Maxi Skirt/Dress Day. Check out all the other fabulous maxi looks here.

Chambray shirt: Old Navy; purple lace camisole: Old Navy; black maxi dress: Target; gold chain and flower necklace: Loft; snakeskin sandals: Ann Taylor Factory Store, gift

I’ve actually had this dress since our trip to Hawaii; I’ve just been hesitant to style it for non-tropical weather. As it turns out, I love it with my chambray shirt. And for those of you out there who say that wearing a maxi dress is like walking around in pajamas all day, you couldn’t be more right. I love it.

I wore this to work, and I think that many a maxi dress can be work-appropriate. However, I must have styled mine a bit too casually because one of the ladies in the office at the high school where I subbed thought I was a student. I sure hope that doesn’t happen next year when I’m teaching eighth and ninth graders!

Song: Long Long Long by the Beatles

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