The Hunger Keeps on Growing

I don't know about you, but I get about a zillion e-mails a day from stores and online sample sale companies. They taunt me daily, saying "Shea, I know you're trying not to shop right now, but look at this great deal". Friends, my willpower is about to give. I figure it's like dieting; if I don't shop at all, sooner or later I'm going to binge-shop. I'll wind up doing less damage in the long run if I just shop a teeny bit when I get a craving. Right? 

Navy stripe cardigan: Loft, thrifted; gray polo shirt: Gap; khaki pants: Banana Republic Factory Store, mom's; yellow earrings: Target; brown braid belt: Loft; yellow espadrilles: NY & Co.

Yesterday I was the inspiration on Kimberly of Fab Finds Under $50's Outfit Inspiration Calendar. It called for a combination of navy and mustard, so I decided to go with a navy cardigan and mustard sandals. I love those two colors together! 

Song: Too Much by Dave Matthews Band
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