But I Didn't Shoot No Deputy

I have a confession to make. On Friday, I shopped. I kept getting emails from Loft about their 40% off sale, and I got a birthday coupon in the mail too. It was more than I could resist. So I bought the top I’m wearing and a couple of other things. I didn’t go crazy, although I didn’t buy things I actually needed. More than anything, I need pants and skirts, and what did I buy? Two tops and two cardigans.

Cardigan, Loft (similar); blue ruffle blouse, Loft; dark skinny jeans, Old Navy (similar); necklace: c/o Fenno Fashion from Lizzypunch giveaway (similar); brown braid belt, Loft (similar); brown peeptoe pumps, Ann Taylor, thrifted (similar)

Another thing I did over the weekend is finish the book House Rules by Jodi Picoult. If you’ve never read anything by her before, you really should—she’s a great writer. Hope recommended this book to me, and I could hardly put it down. 

It’s about Jacob, a young man with Asperger’s syndrome, which is on the Autism spectrum. Jacob is obsessed with crime scene investigation, and knows more than most people, including local police, about it. However, when a college student, who happens to be Jacob’s social skills tutor, is murdered in the city where Jacob lives, people start to wonder just how far he will go to be a part of a crime scene. His family fights desperately to protect his innocence, but it’s an uphill battle. The traits which define his Asperger’s look like the actions of a guilty person in the eyes of authorities.

I loved hearing from the various perspectives throughout the story, from Jacob’s lawyer to Jacob himself. While it’s a fictional work, Picoult clearly did her research on Asperger’s, and I enjoyed learning more about it. 

Song: I Shot the Sheriff sung by Bob Marley and the Wailers (a special song for Jacob in the book)

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