Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung
the grass is ris'
I wonder where the birdie is?
The bird is on the wing.
Oh, how absurd,
I thought the wing was on the bird.

Denim jacket: Gap; pink paisley button-up: Gap; gray cords: Loft; turquoise wood bead necklace: Target; turquoise ballet flats: Merona, Target

Whenever it gets to be Spring, I'm reminded of that poem my mom used to say. I tried to find its origin (and I'll ask her as well) but it seems that there are countless versions, and no one knows exactly who wrote it or where it's from. That doesn't surprise me, this poem is only one of the hundreds of things I say whose only explanation is, "oh, it's a my mom expression". And she probably did the same regarding her mom. Heaven knows my future children will be filled with bizarre sayings. And I can't wait. Anyway, have a poetic Monday.
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