Picture Perfect

For some reason, this combination of plaid shirt and crewneck sweater reminds me of what a mom would dress her little boy in for school picture day. (I hope she would forgo the belt, however.)

Remember picture day? From a very early age I made my own wardrobe decisions, even on this day of days, often to the dismay of my parents. Instead of flowery, girlie dresses, their angel sported neon pink polka dots, orange converse high-tops with turquoise laces, and snakeskin pants, among other things. So when I look back at old school photos, I can do one thing, and one thing only. Laugh my head off. 

Plaid shirt: Gap; red crewneck sweater: Gap, thrifted; gray cords: Loft (I can't help wearing them all the time...they're so comfy!!); brown braid belt: Loft; brown oxfords: Target

Do you remember what you wore for school picture day? Did your parents have a say in what you wore?

Song: Picture Perfect by Nelly Furtado
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