On Highway 29

Man doesn't it feel like these thirty days have been longer than thirty days? Oh, it has been longer than thirty days? That explains it. I guess I could have worn jeans and sweaters from my 30 in Hawaii... but I may have been slightly uncomfortable. It doesn't matter anymore anyway, because I'm almost done!

Someone (I can't for the life of me remember who, sorry!) told me that today was wear red shoes for Aids Awareness day, so that's going to be my excuse for wearing these shoes yet again. If I do the 30 for 30 again (and if I do it will be a while!) I MUST include more color in my selections! I think that's why I've worn the red shoes so much--I'm usually not a neutrals from head to toe kind of gal. I think that's what I'm missing most from the rest of my closet--purples and pinks and blues... color for crying out loud! If you did the 30 for 30, what were you most anxious to wear when it ended?

Navy sweater: Gap; navy print blouse: Banana Republic Factory Store; gray cords: Loft; pearl earrings: Kohl's; silver circle necklace: Banana Republic Factory Store, gift; brown braid belt: Loft; red wedges: Merona, Target

Song: Highway 29 by Bruce Springsteen

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