Dinner Tonight: Spicy Wings and Cheesy 'Taters

Chicken wings and mashed ‘taters. If that isn’t comfort food, my friends, then what is? (Ice cream? Yes, that too.) I’ve been on a mashed potato kick lately. I’m glad I found this recipe on Picky Palate, because it takes the mashed potato, which I admit is lovely just the way it is, and kicks it up ever-so-much. Smoked paprika is added, which gives the potatoes a rosy tint, along with cheddar cheese. And who can resist cheesy potatoes? No one I know.

To accompany these smoky, cheesy spuds I indulged a craving for chicken wings. The recipe I used, from Living Lou (who I found on Food Gawker), called for a chipotle powder and brown sugar rub. The sweetness and the spice played off one another perfectly, and in my opinion, the sauce (which I used as a dipping sauce, not a coating) wasn’t even needed. But if you’re of the “the saucier, the better” school of wing consumption, by all means toss them around in the sauce. I won’t be offended.

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