I'm Fifteen for a Moment

Today's post is filled with illusions. You see, it's Sunday, but it feels like a Saturday because I have tomorrow off. I appear to be halfway through the 30 for 30, but in reality I'm further ahead. (I'm just behind on posting.) Finally, my pants and my blouse are really less wrinkled than they appear. I swear. Or at least they were when I put them on in the morning. What can I say, I'm a regular Houdini!

Ivory cardigan: Old Navy; navy dot blouse: Banana Republic Factory Store; gray cords: Loft; pearl earrings: Kohl's; red wedges: Merona, Target

Here's a recap of my first 15 looks. Forgive, if you will, the random text placements--I couldn't figure out how to make them go away without changing the original pictures. 

I hope you all had a lovely, magical weekend! 

Song: 100 Years by Five For Fighting
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  1. Cute blouse!! Ahhh, this just reminds me of how far behind I am, lol....I last posted #15, uggh.....I have tomorrow off, perhaps I can get all the pics uploaded:)

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  2. Perfect look! Love the recap - I'm thinking I'll do one at the very end - that will require all of my Photoshop skillz - lol!

  3. you are soo cute!! i love your wedges! so lucky you have tomorrow off, we don't at my work.. boo! :(

  4. I totally felt like it was Sat. yesterday too! Those red wedges are too cute!

  5. Darling outfit! love all of them! :-) XXX Emily from EL Vintage

  6. Congrats on passing the half way mark! I just posted outfit 13. I am loving day 3 and 11. So many great looks, though. I tried FOREVER to be able to post a collage of my looks like this and failed lol. How did you do it??

  7. Congrats of a fab first 15! Remixing has been a lot of fun, but I am certainly getting anxious to wear my other clothes again!

  8. I love the pop of your red shoe! Very cute!


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