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As promised, some post-blizzard pictures. More accurately, post-shoveling pictures. Even more accurately, post-Aaron-doing-most-of-the-shoveling-while-I-just-complained-about-my-feet-being-cold pictures. Anyway, when there's this much snow, it begs the question, where will it all go? (Hey, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!) The answer: in really big snow piles. And the neighbor's yard. 

After all that talk about starting real life again today, we had another snow day. So real life has once again been postponed until tomorrow. Which is cool until I start to think about what my next paycheck will look like. Not so cool.  Unlike the other snow days, however, I got up and got dressed and actually plan to leave the house later. A friend of mine is having a get-together, and honestly I hope I'm not dressed too casually. But if this isn't boot-wearin' weather I don't know what is. 

Gray corduroy blazer: Loft; blue stripe tee: Old Navy; dark skinny jeans: Old Navy; pink print scarf: Loft; black riding boots: Franco Sarto, Macy's

Song: Closer to Free by the Bodeans (Party of 5 anyone?)

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  1. You can't possibly be too casual- you look adorable! I love the blazer with the stripes and floral print. Thanks for you response to my commenting question. I considered Disqus too, but I'm scared. :)

  2. Great outfit. Love the scarf ! Great 3rd day on the challenge. I'm doing it too so come and say hello !

  3. Love your scarf sweets...I know how you feel..its frigid here too....:(
    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Check out my 30x30 Remix….Let’s do this!♥

  4. Ooooohhh, I love your scarf!! And your blog is so pretty!

  5. brrrrrr it's cold!! im struggling trying to get my hubby to go out and take pics of me haha!! i will try this weekend!! :)

  6. Tell him that shoveling is a good workout. HAHA. Love the scarf!

  7. Not too casual at all! I love the striped top with the floral scarf. :) Stay warm!

  8. So not too casual! Love the scarf - just perfect! I hate to shovel snow, ugh...


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