Eighteen Years Have Come and Gone

It's official. The schlump of the 30 for 30 has set in. I look at my shirts and cardigans and think, "Haven't I worn this about a million times already?". And I already whined about my measly jeans selection. Although you guys really made me feel better about that, so thanks! In trying to be safe and ensure countless combinations, I chose lots of neutrals (with the exception of my bold mustard colored skirt). I can create numerous remixes, but many are missing a key element: color! So my goal for my last third of this challenge is to use accessories to add color to my sea of neutrals, so I don't spend my last twelve days in drabville. Because I've been there before, and it ain't pretty.

This particular outfit was headed that way, but I rescued it with a sparkly bronze belt. It's a little difficult to see the sparkle in the photos, but believe me, it's there. So tell me, how do you liven up pieces you're getting bored with? And if you're doing the 30 for 30, what are you trying to focus on for the last part of the challenge? 

(I liked the photo above because of my shadow. Doesn't it look cool? It's the little things sometimes... )

Plaid shirt: Gap; tan cardigan: Loft; dark wash flare leg jeans: Gap; bronze sparkly belt: Loft; brown oxfords: Target

Song: Don't Forget to Remember Me by Carrie Underwood
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  1. Yes accessories are a life saver! I love your layering and belt usage here. Keep going girl!

  2. You can get through it! Definitely love what the belt does to this outfit.

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  3. I totally give you ALL props b/c I'm not sure I could ever do this challenge (exc. maybe in the summer). I think you've been doing AWESOME and not once have I thought you look repetitive.

    If you do jump on board with the UO pumps, SIZE DOWN. They were pretty big! :)

  4. I think you are rocking this challenge...seriously..and accessories save my life, daily, lol..you look great in your shadow.....twice the amount of cuteness:)

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  5. Oh I hear ya! I'm so over the challenge too, but mainly because we are having freak weather!! I'm just trying to stay warm and covered these last few days!

  6. Accessories have saved my day during the challenge. I've not been bored with my clothes that I picked, but I have found myself wanting to have more shoes to choose from. Always with the shoes...

  7. I love the sparkley bronze belt with the mustard cardi! Accessories fix everything! :)

  8. Yes the belt adds a nice bit of sparkle! For the remainder of 30x30 I am trying to keep up my 'putting things together that I never would have' outfits.


  9. Go girl!! I'm pretty sure you can get through it!!! Just use more accessories for colors and good idea on the belt

  10. I love the plaid shirt under the cardigan! I'm definitely going to try that soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

    - Angela



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