Commercial Break: Spring Dreams

I may be taking a bit of a break from the 30 for 30 while in Hawaii, but I'm still holding true to the no-shopping rule. But that doesn't mean I can't think about shopping, right? In addition to shopping, I also can't stop thinking about spring. I could not be more ready for its arrival! So I put together a little spring shopping wishlist, so that when I can shop, I'll be ready. As if I'm ever not ready to shop. (Just click on each image for product information.)

1. Floral button-up shirt (This one is from Revolve Clothing, but honestly I just saw an adorable one at Target.)

2. Striped blazer. I know, they're everywhere, but I just can't help myself.

3. Light wash trouser jeans. I need a new color in my denim wardrobe, and this style couldn't be more flattering.

4. Sandals with a wooden platform. If I could have this pair right now, I'd be a happy girl.

5. White jeans or cords in a skinny, go-with-everything, dress-me-up-or-dress-me-down fit. (I apologize for the excessive hyphening.)

6. A bright bow-bedecked (there I go again) belt. This one from Gap fits the bill nicely.

7. A striped cardigan. I know, I seem to have a problem.

8. An orange cardigan. Orange is one if the "it" colors for spring, and I think a cardigan would be a lovely way to introduce it to my wardrobe.

9. Finally, some cropped, relaxed fit trousers. Amazingly, this pair from Loft is exactly what I had in mind. And hopefully, they'll go on sale right about the time when I can buy them!

What's on your spring wish list?
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  1. I want some platform sandals all we need is the weather her for them...hope you are having a ball!!

  2. so jealous that you're in hawaii!! i love your blog - it is a great mix of fashion and food!

  3. I love the platforms and that striped blazer is fantastic! Enjoy Hawaii!

  4. I want to be somewhere warm! I am SO tired of all the snow here.

  5. i totally need a striped blazer! i haven't found one i absolutely love though!! let me know if/when you find one! ;)

  6. That striped number is so cute!

    On my Spring list are whites, stripes and flowers!

  7. Those sandals must be mine! What brand are they?

  8. Sooo want some platform sandals - you've got some great picks here girl! I'm taking notes :o) Hope you are having a blast in Hawaii!!!!


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