2, No 6, No 12, Baker's Dozen!

It's so strange to go from being a long-term substitute to being just a regular sub. Going to the same school every day and seeing the same kids, and getting to know them is so much better than seeing new faces each day and not having the chance to even learn their names. I didn't realize how used to my little routine I was getting! Now it's back to being a glorified babysitter. Two things I won't complain about though: having more time to read and no more papers to grade. 

This is one of those outfits I probably wouldn't have blogged about if not for the 30 for 30. It was from Tuesday, and I wasn't feeling all that spectacular. So if it looks like I just threw a bunch of clothes on, well, that's exactly what I did. But I'll be darned if I get any more behind on this thing than I already am. 

Chambray shirt: Old Navy; blue stripe tee: Old Navy; dark wash skinny jeans: Old Navy (hey, a trifecta of Old Navy!); purple paisley scarf (in support of the wildcat victory!): gift; black flats: Isaac Mizrahi for Target

Song: Lazy Sunday by Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell from SNL (By the way, have you seen this? If not, go here. Immediately.)

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  1. I think its a cute outfit...love the scarf and the casual feel:) I hope you get a permanent teaching job soon....you sound like you really love getting to know the kiddos:)

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  2. Hee hee, I feel that way about some of my outfits, too, that they aren't "blog-worthy". Which is why I'm so behind - a few of my mixes are unbloggable!

  3. love this look, double denim done right! and the scarf is so pretty!

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  4. I like it! I have been looking for a chambray shirt and can't find one I like!

  5. Yea for more time at least!! And btw, I still think you look SUPER cute, even on your down days! :)

  6. Ive had a couple of those outfits! This came together nicely though :)

  7. What a lovely scarf!

    That must be tough to go into a different school each day. Being a teacher has some difficulties that seem like they would be compounded being in a new room each day. Thanks so much for doing it!

  8. Don't be so hard on yourself. I think it's a darling look. Love the scarf with the stripes!

  9. I think it's a great casual outfit! The scarf and shoes make it special. :) I hope you get a permanent job soon - although I'm sure you'll enjoy the break from grading papers!

  10. red vines and mr. pibb equals crazy delicious.

    (just saying)

    anyway, i'm really liking how you styled your denim shirt unbuttoned. it has a completely different look that is so wonderfully relaxed.

  11. I love that scarf! You look great, as always!!!!


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