Time for a Good Time (and a giveaway winner)

I'm a little sad that it's already Sunday. This has been such a fun weekend, and I'm not ready for it to be over just yet. The highlight of this action-packed weekend was meeting an awesome group of bloggers at Blanc, a fancy schmancy burger joint (see my other adventures at Blanc here). We had such a great time chatting and eating and even doing a little shopping. They were all as genuine and sweet as they sound on their blogs. I hope we make getting together a regular event!

I'm going to introduce you to the girls below, in hopes that you check out their fantastic blogs: Angga of Reserverade Fasion, Michelle of Second Street East, Ngan of eNVe Designs, Ashley of A Hasty Life, Sandy of Sandy a la Mode (who organized our get-together, thanks Sandy!), and yours truly who I swear looks less goofy here than I do in the other shots. Everyone else looks great, so I took one for the team. And thank you to Angga's kind, patient husband, for taking this picture and putting up with all of us giggly girls. 

After lunch, Sandy, Ngan and I had some fun shopping and posing for outfit pictures. Let's just say I'm not comfortable posing when there are people around. Hence the face. I look like a goober. We laughed about how we don't want people to look at us while we're taking outfit shots, but we're perfectly fine with posting our pictures on the internet for the world to see. It's different though, right?

Ivory cardigan: Old Navy; navy and white striped tee: Gap; jean shorts: Loft; navy tights: Old Navy; red wedges: Merona, Target, gold chain necklace: C. C. Creations, won from a giveaway at City of Dionne (Thanks Dionne!!)

If you're still with me, thanks, I know this is kind of a long one today. But I can't forget to let you know who won my giveaway to my friend Malorie's shop Elephant in the Room Baby Boutique.

The random number generator chose comment number eight, which was from Jenny of Spry on the Wall! Congratulations Jenny! I will get in touch with you soon!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Song: Good Time by Alan Jackson
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  1. You look adorable! The tights totally make the outfit :)

  2. HAHAH I look like somebody spray me with white powder!! I guess thats what I get when you get lights on your face!! I didnt have time to see all of you girls outfit but you look great!! Loving that pattern tights

  3. You are super adorable and so brave for rockin those poses in public! I had so much fun with you girls yesterday. We'll have to do it again soon! Maybe next time we'll all be a little less shy with the photo shoot. :D Can't wait to see the crazy ones Sandy has on her camera!

  4. I seem to have the opposite problem - that I can't pose when I take self photos! The best photos of me are the ones my hubby takes.

    P.S. - Love that you are rocking the winter shorts!!

  5. That is so cool that you had the opportunity to meet up with other bloggers! Those wedges are wonderful!

  6. I love the pose! So sad I wasn't able to stay to partake in that one :)

  7. No way! Yay! You know where to find me - I'm so excited!

  8. it was sooo great eating, shopping, and picture taking with you on saturday, sweetie!! i am working on my post as speak so it will go up veryyy soon~!! :) the "couples" shots are WAY fun!!

  9. That was so cool that you guys got to do a blog meet up! You all are too cute! I love the pictures that were taken! I am a new follower!

  10. I saw the post at Sandys...everyone looks great and like you are having a BLAST!!!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Editor, The Fashion 411 Magazine♥

  11. Oh you look great girl! I love the outfit and it sounds like such a great time! Hope you have a great week ahead! Love u girl! oh- have a lisa leonard giveaway this week to celebrate! Yeah!

  12. Some of my fave girls all in one place...Awesome! Love the tights!

  13. looks like you had a great weekend! congrats to the winner :)

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  14. HOW FUN! I'd love for something like this to happen in Phoenix. I love your red pumps with that outfit!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  15. You girls look like you are having a blast! I really like seeing the shorts in winter. I have done a couple posts using them. I have no problem posing publicly - unless I am using a tripod. I don't care if people are gawking at me while "someone" takes my picture. But if I am taking my own photo I feel like a dork!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and sorry you won't be able to make the Vegas Meetup!!

  16. Oooh what a fun get-together! And I love your outfit, the necklace looks fab on you!

  17. It's so nice to meet other bloggers, isn't it? I don't know the other girls, and I'm going to read their blogs!
    I'm like you when I pose for pictures: I don't like when people look at me. But in the center of Turin, my town, there are a lot of tourists, so it's not so strange to take pictures!

  18. What a great get together. Love the tights with that outfit.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl


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