Quicker Than a Ray of Light

The thermometer reached forty degrees today! It's sad when that feels warm. But the slightly warmer weather is the little ray of light I live for during winter. So I wore this bright, sunny necklace in homage of the less frigid temps. This outfit is also an homage to Kaleigha of krameymartin. I loved her look so much, I had to do a copycat. But instead of patterned, tatoo-like tights, I decided to put the color around my neck. You know, I wasn't too sure about this lightweight knit dress working for winter, but I think it does. Layers and tights work wonders. And friends, those are all the words I have so far this week, which is starting to feel like the longest week ever

Olive cardigan: Target; navy knit dress: Loft; orange and yellow necklace: Anthropologie; brown wide belt: so old I can't remember where I got it, which probably means Target; gray tights: see belt; boots: St. John's Bay, J. C. Penney

Song: Ray of Light by Madonna (And now I'm going to have it in my head all night. "And I feel...")

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  1. my fav part of winter is when its slowly turning to spring and 2 degrees celsius feels warm lol.

  2. That dress totally works and I love the necklace!

  3. Great flowy dress....pretty necklace too....we had a heatwave today too....I think it hit 30, lol

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  4. This may be my favorite look on you yet! The dress is just gorgeous and you styled it perfectly.

    Oh and I think I will be reading South of Broad by Pat Conroy but I haven't started it yet. Yikes! Luckily I have a 4.5 hour bus ride Thursday and a 4.5 hour car ride Saturday. Plenty of novel time :)

  5. Yea for temps above freezing! I love this dress and the way you styled it - the whole look is beautiful on you!

  6. J'aime avoir de nouvelles idées pour porter une robe noire (I have a lot of black dresses)!

  7. ack! i love that necklace! i have a bracelet that is similar in color and chunkiness, and i pretty much wear it every day. almost. hooray for warmer weather!


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