Do You Have to Let it Linger

I suppose one could argue that snow is pretty, and blah, blah, blah, but does anyone have anything nice to say about lingering snow? I mean, it gets dirty and turns an ugly shade of brownish gray. It takes thirty seven decades to melt where it was piled up high (okay, so I'm exaggerating a little). And, there are annoying puddles everywhere it does decide to melt. Are a few pretty flakes really worth all that? (Oops. I just remember all those snow days I just had. Yes, I suppose it is worth it. But I wish the snow would disappear the day we have to head back to school.)

On a completely random note, my husband seems to be on a nature-show kick. Typically he's either watching sports, Seinfeld, or Law and Order, but yesterday it was a show about the mysterious deaths of alligators. Today it's Orcas and elephant seals. This totally reminds me of the Friends episode where Monica thinks Chandler secretly really enjoys (wink wink) watching shark attack shows.  But since Aaron is exploring the animal kingdom openly, I'm not worried. 

Black blazer: Loft; burgundy floral print blouse: Tucker for Target, gift; gray cords: Loft; long circles necklace: Banana Republic Factory Store, gift; black flats: Isaac Mizrahi for Target

Song: Linger by the Cranberries

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  1. haha, I love the FRIENDS reference. And I love this outfit! The colors in the shirt don't only contrast great with the blazer and cords, but also with the snowy background!

    And I agree, snow is gorgeous as it lays out perfect, but once it starts changing from that perfect white and it's time to go back to work, it is time for that snow to go!

  2. Looooove it:)


  3. I love this flow-y skirt paired with the structure blazer. I like the contrast, it makes it look unique :)

  4. Love your Tucker top...they never had my size when I went to Target...or they were sold out...yours is great with the jacket....:)

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  5. I hear you about the snow, sista. I also really love your blazer! I've been saving my blazers recently because I've put two in my 30 for 30. Will you participate again this time around?

    PS - I LOVE The Cranberries! To The Faithful Departed was basically the soundtrack to my high school years.

  6. Thankfully Houston never gets lingering snow. It's snowed twice since I've lived here, and it's just enough to cover the ground, build a snowman, and then it's gone the next day. Perfect.

    And speaking of perfect. Those shoes! Love the bows!

  7. I totally agree! Why do we live in Kansas again...I need people to remind me about that often! In better news-it's supposed to be in the 50's tomorrow in north central Kansas! Can I get a HELLZ YA!!!!

  8. hahaha that Friends episode was hilarious. Probably one of my favorites. And I have to say, now I'm intrigued - why were the alligators dying?

    PS I can't believe you are wearing flats when there is lingering snow out! I'm assuming that if there is still snow that it is below freezing. The idea of going out in freezing weather with no socks on makes me cringe!

  9. Looove that blazer! And were you just referencing the Cranberries in your subject? Awesome.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  10. love this look! i hope your snow melts asap :)

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  11. Loooove that song! Seriously. Fits your snow situation perfectly ;)

    Cute outfit! I'm loving your shirt!

    KF x

  12. Okay, so I still haven't worn this top yet, but I have thrown it in the pile for the 30/30 challenge so we'll see what I come up with. You styled it up so right with the blazer - hmmmm, I may "steal" from you - lol!


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