Your Heart is Full of Unwashed Socks

You know what I love about winter? Other than the awesomely cold temperatures, of course. I love leaving in the dark every morning, then some days coming home in the dark as well. I mean, if my goal were to see as little daylight as possible, then by golly, I've achieved it today! Sorry, this sarcastic whine-fest is over now. It sounds like what I need is a wine-fest. Well, tomorrow is Friday, so that just might be possible. 

On a happier note, Finals start tomorrow! Which means I'm just three days away from Christmas break! Thank goodness. My sanity has really missed me.

Cardigan: Loft; t-shirt: Loft; skirt: Forever 21; necklace: Forever 21; tights: Loft; boots: Franco Sarto, Macy's

Song: You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch [Random, yes, but I was feeling a little grinchy today.]


  1. I cannot wait for vacation to start!

  2. I'm a little Grinchy too! Loving this with the subtle pop of blue with the cardigan. It's so all about blue right now! Here's to the last few days of school and vacation!

  3. Vacation is this evening for me: I'm so glad!

  4. I think a wine fest is a great idea :) I love the mix of blue and black - and that skirt is fantastic!


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