Hey Santa

I was too much of a weenie to go outside for pictures today. But it's thirty degrees, and this shirt is far from warm. So it's me, Santa, and awkward lighting. But, I really like this outfit you see, and I've been terribly lame about posting lately. (I'm blaming it on Finals Week and winter, and not necessarily in that order.) 

How's your Christmas shopping coming along? I've done a lot of online shopping, which for some reason I've done little of for previous Christmases. Holy time saver! The only down side is getting all these packages in the mail, and none of them are for me. However, the less time I spend fighting crowds of crazy Christmas shoppers, the better. The later it gets though, the more I realize I'm going to have to drag my butt to an actual store sooner or later. Probably later. 

Shirt: J.Crew, thrifted; skirt: Nanette Lepore, thrifted (two of my very favorite finds!); necklace: Anthropologie; belt: Loft; tights: I don't remember; oxfords: Target

Song: Hey Santa by Carnie and Wendy Wilson


  1. ooh i really like this look. ive only bought one gift so far. eek!

  2. Love your oxfords...and online shopping is soooo the way to go:)

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  3. I'm entering into the *your screwed* territory.

    I like your necklace!

  4. I love your necklace! I have yet to do any shopping! Ahhhh

  5. I am so with you about not wanting to go outside!!!
    You look so pretty - I love the necklace with the neutral outfit!

    I actually shop for Christmas all year long - I'm one of THOSE people :)

  6. Super adorable look - I love that necklace! I used to shop all year long for Christmas, now people are lucky to get their gifts in January. I do do a lot of internet shopping - it's totally the way to go!

  7. I do almost all my shopping online - I love it! No crowds, no people, no freezing mad dashes from the car to the store (I hate carrying my coat around in stores!).

    I have most of my shopping done - I just have to buy one more present for my boyfriend. I feel like the UPS man has been at our house every day this month!

  8. I also took an almost-totally-online approach to Christmas shopping this year. I think the UPS guy hates me since I live at the top of an icy hill, but at least I never had to stand in line!

    Anyway, this outfit is stellar. You've got some serious thrifting talent!

  9. Those are some wonderful thrifty finds!


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