Bus, Magic Bus

I need another weekend to recover from this weekend! I was really dragging today, but I tried to act extra enthusiastic to cover it up. As a result, the students probably thought I was even more weird than usual. Anyway, every year for three of my friends' birthdays (that fall in late November-December) we rent a party bus to take us out on the town. We had a great time, even though we realized we were getting old when we got bored at a dance club. It was so loud--we couldn't even hear each other! Yes, old. Regardless, I had all kinds of fun and I feel so lucky to have such awesome friends. Happy birthday Tom, Jeff and Cassie!

Sunday I tried (and failed!) to get everything done on my to-do list. You would think I would learn not to procrastinate, but year after year I continue to do it. Sunday wasn't all work though--I did go to my little sister's piano recital. I was so proud of her: she played her music beautifully! That brought back memories. (I played piano for eleven years.) I teased my dad about trying to reach some sort of record when it comes to piano recital attendance. I hope when Aaron and I have a kid she'll play the piano too, so he can go to even more! 

Blazer: Lavender Star, Kohl's; blouse: Limited; shorts: Loft; earrings: Loft; tights: Gap; shoes: Jessica Simpson, DSW

Song: Magic Bus by the Who


  1. Sounds like fun! I remember that time of my life when all of a sudden going to clubs, etc was more annoying than fun. I'm old and proud of it - lol! Loving your outfit - especially that blazer!

  2. sounds like a great time. You look very rockstar chic

  3. Nice outfit! I love those shoes (^_^)

  4. LOVE the outfit!!! you are such a cool teacher! :)
    Sounds like you had a super fun weekend!! There is nothing better than a night out with friends!

    That is so great that you play piano! I'm sure your future baby will love to play! Peanut has so much fun sitting at the piano with me and banging away. :)

  5. Hi! Just found your blog through the Style Underdog blog. You and I have similar styles, and I'm always looking for inspiration (or looks to copy!) so I've started to "follow" you :) Come drop by my neck of the woods if you get a chance.

  6. I really love those tights! I'm definitely trying the shorts-and-tights look now that I'm done with the 30 for 30 challenge!


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