5 4 3 2 Ready Run

Is it winter break yet? No? Seven days and counting. I'm not quite sure where this weekend went, but I do know that it's ending way too fast. Do I say that every weekend? Well, don't you agree?--they're always too short! 

I've been admiring the Academic Chic girls' looks lately, especially their forays into scarf-belting. I decided to try the look myself, and didn't realize until after I wound up with this look that it's pretty much a dead-ringer for this 30 for 30 look of E's. Sometimes I start with a look in mind and I try to recreate it, but this time it was more of a subconscious effort! Either way, I wonder what I would do without all the great inspiration I get from the blog world. Especially during times such as these, when my brain is pretty much mush.

Cardigan: American Eagle; t-shirt: Old Navy; jeans: Old Navy; scarf: Merona, Target; belt: Loft; boots: St. John's Bay, JCPenney

Song: 5 4 3 2 Run by SheDaisy


  1. love the yellow.

    this totally gets me thinking!


  2. I love the belted scarf look lately too! I tried it with a circle scarf the other day. The yellow is a gorgeous color on you.

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  3. LOVE the look of the belted scarf....my favorite color by far....Winter Break, dont remind me.....lol

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  4. I love the color of that scarf!! It looks great worn that way.

  5. That pop of yellow is so lovely against all the neutrals. love it!

  6. Oh wow they are identical but still so "you" and "e" hm interesting!

  7. Yellow is such a happy color. Love the scarf!

  8. I love the yellow scarf! And the way you tied your belt is so cute!


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