Oops I Did it Again

Sorry for the Britney Spears reference, but seriously, Oops! I wore this shirt again. And these pants. And this belt. I mean, am I boring you yet? I seriously wear these all the time. But you see, these pants are ridiculously comfortable. They're my "I want to wear jeans but I can't because I'm going to work so I'll wear these soft corduroy pants" pants. And then the gray in this plaid shirt just pairs perfectly with them, making an instantly cool fall outfit. From there, the possibilities are endless. So when I saw Sydney of the Daybook rocking an awesome red sweater belted over her plaid shirt I knew my bright red cardigan was going to be the perfect topper. Another oops! I copied from the uber-stylish Daybook again.  (Side note--one of the suggested words to replace uber is tuber, which is cracking me up. I'm imagining a super chic potato right about now. I know that uber needs those two little dots over the "u" but I'm too lazy to figure that out right now. Although not too lazy to ramble on about stylish potatoes...) Okay, I see that I'm scaring you, so I'll stop now. Happy almost-Friday!

Cardigan: ShopMamie.com; shirt: Gap; cords: Loft; belt: Loft; shoes: Target

Song: Oops I Did it Again by Britney Spears


  1. LOVE the red sweater..it looks comfy enough to sleep in actually...wear away:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    I’m an MTV Style Blogger!!♥

  2. No not boring at all! I love the pop of a red sweater over gray and plaid. It's awesome :)

  3. Not boring! Why fix what isn't broken? If I had this outfit I'd wear it a zillion times in a row.

  4. This cracked me up, now I keep thinking about stylish potatoes.

    I can definitely see why you wear those items a lot though, they are very cute and this outfit looks very comfortable.

  5. Cute, cute, cute! Adore that red sweater! Have a great weekend!!

  6. You are funny my dear! And stylish! And making me want french fries!

    heart: Kimberellie

  7. LOL stylish potatoes...

    I love seeing the different ways you wear pieces - way more interesting than if you wore something completely different everyday!

  8. I love the combo! (I'm the "oops I did it again"... I brought a limited amount of clothing for 10 months. Talk about outfit repeater!)


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