Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Now It's Too Late

This week I'm working with the French teacher I'll be long term subbing for soon. I'm starting to get excited, but also nervous! She's an amazing teacher, and all her students love her; I hope they can learn to like me too! So if I don't blog as much in the next few weeks, please forgive me. As a regular sub, I've been lucky enough to have a lot of free time due to the fact that I never take any work home. The down side is of course, with less responsibility comes less money, and less challenge (and therefore, less fun). So, while overwhelming, I'm welcoming the work (and the pay increase) that being a long-term sub brings. And maybe, just maybe it well bring me closer to a full-time job. A girl can hope, right?

Okay, on to the clothes. I was inspired once again by Kimberly's Outfit Inspiration Calendar today, which called for mixing stripes, pattern, and leopard. That's three patterns, people! I wasn't sure whether or not I could do it, which is exactly why I wanted to try. And what did I learn from this experience? Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Sure, it looks okay, but to be honest, I just don't love the striped top with the other pieces. It doesn't look quite right. But by the time I figured that out it was too late to change. I'll try to go a little less crazy with the pattern mixing next time. But hey, if that's the worst thing about my day (and honestly, it has been so far), I'm counting it as a success! 

Cardigan: H&M (old); t-shirt: Gap; skirt: Loft; belt: Loft; tights: Target; shoes: Merona, Target

Song: It's Too Late by Carole King


  1. I really like the look, but then again I am a big fan of patterns. I wanted to give this a go today, but had a big meeting that meant a stuffy black outfit for me. It is definitely on my radar for the near future though!

  2. I like the look. I really like the skirt with you hose and shoes.

  3. You know, I kind of agree with you. Maybe if the stripes in the shirt were more subtle? Oh well, you still look good.
    And congrats on the long-term subbing position! I hope it goes well.

  4. this an amazing way of mixing three patterns!

    +good luck with the long-term subbing!

  5. Way to go on the teaching position...congrats!! and Im sure those kids will LOVE you too:)

    I love this outfit...I think all the patterns give it a great contrast...:)

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  6. I actually really like this outfit...I know what you mean when one element doesn't feel quite right though, maybe next time just a simpler shirt? The skirt, tights and shoes are definitely great together though.

    And congrats on the long-term subbing!

  7. See - before I read it I thought -wow! great outfit!! I stand by my statement. :) Congrats on the long term teaching position!!

  8. i think you did a great job mixing patterns. im not very brave in this area tho. i tend to wear only one pattern at a time. lol.

  9. There you go...Making me jealous of your leopard flats again. HA!

  10. Congrats on the long term position! I adore this outfit! The skirt and shoes are fab!


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