I'm So Tired

Did anyone else have trouble getting up this morning? Due to the fact that I indulged a little too much in both food and sleep last week, my eyes struggled to stay open and my tights truly lived up to their name. I've never hurried faster to throw on a pair of jeans. And to be honest, I can't wait to hop into my stretchy, elastic-waist pajama pants later tonight. It sounds like I really need to hit up the Jazzercise classes this week!

I decided to take a major detour from my usual denim pencil skirt today, and throw on a pencil skirt of a more ferocious variety. Yet I kept a little bit of comfort with a sweater that feels more like a sweatshirt. So, even if I felt like the circulation in my midsection was being cut off by my tights, my arms were nice and cozy. Not quite the trade-off I'd hoped for. 

Sweater, skirt, tights: Loft; shoes: Nine West

Song: I'm So Tired by the Beatles


  1. Sorry to hear about the tough morning. I go back tomorrow and am dreading it too. I LOVE this outfit, btw. The skirt and shoes are adorable!

  2. I know how you feel...I felt yucky since Turkey Day.....lol..you look great hunnie!!!

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  3. Sorry you had a rough morning! I bet your students felt the same way!!

    You look great - I love that skirt so much. It looks great with those shoes!!
    I will have to pull mine out after the 30 for 30 - I miss it! :)

  4. Well, I couldn't wait to get up and run my crazed little one to preschool. She was grumpy and bored and needed some fellow kiddos around. But I will say that I wore my black leggings/black top/tunic sweater combo today (my comfy, feeling fat outfit). After the holidays it's major food detox time - sheesh, I've been eating like a pig.

    BTW - ADORE that skirt!!!

  5. yea... i totally had a hard time getting outta bed, especially with the fact that vacation was over.. :( so sad!!! cute skirt!

  6. Love that skirt! I'm glad at least the top half was comfortable. I've actually started buying tights up a size from what the height and weight chart says I need to, just because they're more comfortable.

  7. So very sassy lady! I dig it! And I have totally not wanted to get up the last couple days. HA!

  8. Oh I am so pumped right now to get your comment about the chicken milanese! So glad you like it- I thought it was awesome myself! LOL!
    I really appreciate you letting me know to! I wish I could always here from ya'll on the recipes! Thanks girl! Looking good above! XOXO

  9. Thanksgiving break is the worst for that reason! I love those little pointed flats :)

  10. That skirt is awesome! Sorry to hear it is not conducive to circulation ;-)


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