I See Your True Colors

It's denim pencil skirt Monday! For some (completely subconscious) reason, I reach for this denim pencil skirt almost every Monday. I don't know whether it's the skirt's versatility or my way of easing myself out of jeans and into work wear. Do you have something you always gravitate toward at the beginning of the week?

Today was one of those bizarre fall weather days; I left the house when it was still dark out, but it was about 65 degrees. Then, when I left the school this afternoon (with my jacket in my arms, remembering the morning's warmth) I was plagued with goose bumps--the temperature had dropped twenty degrees! I love Kansas, but we have the most unpredictable weather. Thanksgiving is always a crapshoot. This year it's supposed to be cold, but I'm hoping the weather forecast is wrong (not that that ever happens...). 

Cardigan: Banana Republic; skirt: Converse One Star, Target; scarf: Merona, Target; boots: Franco Sarto, Macy's (talk about easing out of the weekend--this is day numero 3 for these babies!)

Song: True Colors by Phil Collins [I think he's the original singer, but the version that's in my head is the one from the movie Save the Last Dance. In case this was information you needed.]


  1. Love the sweater and super versatile boots with your jean skirt - it really dresses it up!

    Also purple and mustard - awesome color combo!

  2. Love this colorful eye treat:) You look great...I do the same thing...every Friday I oddly try to grab a pair of pants...(yes, I wear them lol)

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  3. I love that mix of colors! I don't think I gravitate towards any one item but I tend to try something bold at the beginning of the week? Maybe I feel braver?

  4. Oh, this is so cute. I'm a mustard/burgandy color combo believer now. I love it. Why are you working? My school district is closed this week. I reread where you purchased all your items. We shop at the same stores. We would be great shopping buddies, yes we would.

  5. I had (gave to good will) that same sweater from BR!!!

  6. Reading your posts always gets songs stuck in my head (in a good way)! Now I can't stop singing this one, except it's the Cyndi Lauper version that I've got going on.
    Love the mustard color with your purple sweater. I'm starting to think mustard yellow goes with anything. Love it!

  7. Love it! The mustard scarf is the icing on the cake (that was a weird sentence mustard and cake should never go together!) And yes the weather is bizarre - today it was 80 here - yep, 80...

  8. heyyy hun!! that mustard scarf is soo great, makes the outfit really pop!!!

    glace is next to the spin pizza that is by the plaza, you must check it out!! so good!!


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