Here Comes the Sun

The past couple of days have been warm and sunny. I'm starting to get confused and dress like spring. Then I look at all the leaves and dead flowers in our yard and I'm reminded what season it really is. Not that I mind fall; in fact, I like it. I just shudder to think about the season that follows it. It's a four-letter word in my book. 

Anyway, this combination of colors and fabrics seemed to coordinate with the bright, cheerful weather we were having. The teacher I subbed for must have been thinking the same thing, because when I saw her at the end of the day she had the same sweater on! What's that they say about great minds?

Shirt: Gap (very old); cardigan: Loft; skirt: Gap Outlet; necklace: c/o Fenno Fashion; belt: Loft; shoes: Target

Song: Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles


  1. GOOO Spring!!Love the color of the sweater hunnie!! I know how you was a little more warm her today too:)

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  2. Love this outfit! Sydney is definitely great inspiration. I know what you mean about the weather too, when I'm at school during the day I don't even need a sweater, but at night and in the mornings its freezing!

  3. i love how u belted the cardigan

  4. great color choice! I really like how your oxfords look with the skirt. :)

  5. Yeah, the weather is so confusing. I love this look, it's so happy!

  6. Why haven't I belted a cardi yet? I love the look so. Our First Lady is amazing at it.

    And your pink pretty is so lovely!


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