Monday, November 8, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Beef Stir Fry with Snap Peas

This was not what I planned to write about today. I actually hadn't planned to post it at all, not because this meal wasn't delicious, but because I wasn't happy with the pictures. But it was so good I'm going to tell you about it anyway, bad picture and all. Actually, it's a Pioneer Woman recipe, so you can go check out her site for some spectacular photos. The only thing I changed about her version was I swapped sugar snap peas for the snow peas. I just like sugar snaps better. 

Anyway, if you're looking for a quick, easy meal that's full of flavor, you should give this one a try! I'm not sure how I would get through my week without the Pioneer Woman. She's a genius!


  1. i love the pioneer womans food section!

  2. And guess what? Morningstar Farms makes beef strips too, hehehe.....LOVE sugar snap peas...they are my very fav...Ill try this :)

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  3. I just drooled a little bit haha, can you send me some in a little take-out container? this starving college student would really appreciate it :)

  4. Well I think that is a perfectly good picture! It's not easy to get good food pictures... unless you are Pioneer Woman, who is basically good at everything!

  5. My stomach is GROWLING! Yummy!

  6. That looks fantastic! Sounds like a must try. :)


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