Baby, You're Not Lost

Ugh, I'm sorry this is such a grainy, awful picture. I debated not even posting it, but I hope the fate of this blog isn't judged by one bad picture. Besides, I do like my outfit. I'm learning why I need a tripod. My husband lovingly takes all my pictures, but if for some reason our paths don't cross at the right time I'm either stuck without a picture or forced to do awkward indoor shots. And with the sun setting around five o'clock getting an outdoor photo can be tricky this time of year.

Speaking of tricky, why did it take me a half hour to find the DMV today? Going to the DMV isn't the most pleasant experience in and of itself, so you'd think they would make the building a little bit easier to find. A sign on the building saying "DMV" would be slightly helpful. I mean, I'm not supposed to walk in to the DMV wanting to punch someone am I? That emotion should be saved for when I leave. (Actually, the lady helping me today was very nice. I can't say the same for the annoying couple sitting next to me.) Anyway, I circled the area I thought it was in for what felt like forever before I found a building that I thought could be it, and lo and behold I saw a teeny tiny sign that said "Vehicle Registration". Sighing in relief, I parked. And the sad part is, I'm pretty sure I've been there before. I really wish I had that "sense of direction" gene. 

Cardigan: Loft Outlet; blouse: Loft; jeans: Express; belt: Target; shoes: Isaac Mizrahi for Target

Song: Lost by Michael Bublé


  1. Love your menswear inspired look...I hear you on losing light....Im going to be screwed soon, lol...its dark when I get home, for I guess we will improvise, right?

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  2. These jeans are super flattering on you!

  3. I'm glad you survived the DMV, even when I go to the 'express' one that we have in town it seems like it takes all afternoon.

    I'm also still figuring out how to take outside pictures now that it gets dark so early. Getting up earlier than I already do just doesn't sound like a fun option, so indoor pictures it is.

  4. How cute do you look here? Super cute! Love the cardi!

    Oh, and you are FUNNY. I wish you would say why the couple was annoying. I do ever so like it when people say scathing humorous things about other people, really~!. And now I am ever so curious.

    heart: Kimberellie


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