Where's Your Head At?

Remember what I said yesterday about leaving my brain at work? Well, when I locked myself out of my house today I knew that truly was the case. I was headed out the door (to go to work, coincidently, to retrieve my brain) and I picked up everything I had carefully set by my keys so I would remember to take it all with me. Which I did. Everything, that is, but the keys themselves. And of course I remembered this right after I locked and closed the door. 

I called Aaron, and by the grace of God he was on his lunch break and he was able to come home and let me in. That was unbelievably lucky, because I did not think I would be able to successfully train my dog to unlock a door. I mean, she's smart, but let's not kid ourselves. But I got in, got my keys, made it to work (on time even!), got my brain, and since then everything's been fine. What stupid moves have you made lately? Please share, so I don't feel like such an idiot.

Jacket: Gap; shirt: Ann Taylor Factory Store; pants: Gap; earrings: NY & Co; scarf: thrifted; shoes: Nine West

Oh yeah, by the way, this outfit was inspired by a new-found (to me) blogger--Jill from Spoils of Wear. I love her traveling scarf look and wanted to try the scarf-as-bow trick. I hope I look as cute when the scarf makes its way to me. (More on that later.)

Song: Where's Your Head At? by Basement Jaxx


  1. Super cute and classy look! Lucky you got to work on time, crazy!
    P.S. This song took me way back to when I was obsessed with Lara croft: Tomb raider

  2. Love your scarf.....so sorry that happened to you!!

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  3. Oh my word I just locked myself out of my apartment recently too! I've never done it and felt so stupid. Actually the whole darn day was stupid, let me explain.

    It was a Sunday and I had to go to the mall to buy my 2 year old nephew a birthday present and also the cat some bowls. I went to Crate and Barrel and bought the bowls and headed over to the Gap where I bought my nephew a cute skeleton sweatshirt. Whilst paying for said sweatshirt I hit the bowl bag and knocked it to the floor shattering both bowls that I had just bought. The Gap cashier was like "That didn't sound good" (Thank you captain obvious). I ran back to C&B and explained to the cashier "I feel like such an idiot but I JUST bought these and dropped them" luckily she replaced them. When I left for the part I grabbed my keys and locked the door only to open my hand and see I grabbed the mail keys (that my roommate insisted needed to be on a separate keyring (mind you she has not once gotten the mail)) so I had to call our on-call maintenance man to let me in, "I feel like such an idiot but I've locked myself out of the apartment".

    It's an awful/embarassing feeling and I get your pain! I'm glad you've found your brain and that scarf is incredible!

  4. the doorknob on my apt automatically locks everytime you close the door...thankfully i havnt locked myself out yet. *knock on wood*

  5. I have a million scarves and I've never worn one like that. I'm inspired!

  6. Oh man, I hate locking myself out of anything. First let me say you look amazing (loving the shoes). Now my story, when I lived in NY I locked myself out of my apartment in the late evening, thank God I had my cell phone (my apartment door self-locks too like Isabel's). I knew no one, my hubby was in Georgia and I had to call my super in a panic, he was out of town. Long story short, the super did drive in and let me in - he was rude and mad about it, but I got back in. It was the worst feeling and the worst evening ever, if I think about it I have a semi-panic attack. Ugh.

  7. You are definitely doing the big bow/scarf look justice! I am so glad the Traveling Scarf helped introduce you to a new fab blogger and inspired a fun look! Can't wait to see you wear the scarf.

  8. Lookin good girl!! The animal print scarf is my favorite piece!

    Oh, and have you stopped by LOCATION CENTRAL yet and put in your city info? It's the blog where you can find other bloggers in your area.

  9. You look very European...like you should be sipping a cappuccino in Milan sitting next to your Vespa.


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