God Knows We're Gonna Talk About Your Clothes

Sometimes, when I think about how I post pictures of myself (almost) every day, then blather on about my clothes or my day or my dog, I'm astounded that people read this. People other than my mother and my best friend. But then I start to think about how I love to look at pictures of other people every day, and I love reading about their clothes and their days and their dogs (or cats, or kids). 

Now that I feel better about that, I'm going to continue with the picture and the blathering. (Only one picture today--it turns out this outfit looks a heck of a lot more flattering when you can tell I have feet. Which I do.)

Shirt: Forever 21; jeans: Loft; necklace: Anthropologie; belt: Loft; shoes (on the feet that I do indeed have): Isaac Mizrahi for Target

This week I received an award and got tagged for questions by a couple of my bloggy buddies. The lovely Jenny of Spry on the Wall gave me an Inspiring Blog award. Thanks Jenny, I would say the very same thing about you :)

Now I'm supposed to list 3 things or people that inspire me: my friends and family, the fabulous blogs I read, and the Food Network

I'm supposed to give this away, but I simply cannot choose the most inspiring people. I'm inspired by all the blogs I read, every day. So if you're reading this, consider yourself awarded :)

Additionally, Kelly, the hot mama from Dressing Mommy tagged me to answer some questions. Which I did. I love answering questions. (Read my answers after the jump.)

1.     What is your ultimate vacation destination?

I usually let food be the deciding factor for vacation destinations, so I choose Italy. I’d pack a suitcase full of elastic-waist pants so that I could really enjoy myself.

2.     What did you want to be when you were growing up? 

The answer to that question changed on a yearly basis, but for the most part I wanted to an actress or a fashion designer. Somewhere along the line, my practical, 60-year-old inner self came along and shot down my dreams, saying “why don’t you choose something more practical, like business?” I hate that self. It was the self that had me changing my major seventy-five times and quitting my French master’s. (For college students: just take the classes you love and don’t worry yourself sick over “what you’re going to do” with them later.) You know, I think I would have made a pretty awesome actress.

3.     If your life was a TV show, what would your theme song be?

Well, I’d like to think my blog is a little like my own TV show, but without sound or action (okay, so it’s kind of a stretch). And my theme song changes on a daily basis—it depends on how I’m feeling, what I’m wearing, or what the weather’s like. I simply can’t commit to one theme song.

4.     If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Time control. I would be able to speed up time, but magically still get the same amount done, when I’m doing boring things like cleaning, laundry, and waiting in line. But when I’m having fun or sleeping, I would make time move slow as molasses.

5.     Sneakers or Stilettos?

Ummm, neither? How about a cute, embellished or brightly colored pair of flats?

6.     What is your favorite holiday and why?

Christmas! I love it. I love being with family, I love cooking the food, I love eating the food.  I love opening presents, I love buying presents. I love the music. I love that there are two radio stations that play the music starting November 1st. I love making fun of people’s Christmas lights. I love hot cocoa. I love reading the story of Jesus’ birth in the Bible. I love the memories my family has created. I love Christmas cookies. I love candy canes. I love candlelight Christmas services. I love laughing with my mom about whether the old lady in the next pew’s hair is going to catch fire. I LOVE Christmas.

7.     If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be?

This question makes my head explode. I can’t. I’m sorry—there are just too many things. And I’m a pretty indecisive person already.

8.     What is your drink of choice?

I have some sort of an allergy to just giving a simple answer, but if you’re still reading this I suppose you’re okay with that. Alcoholic drink—white wine when it’s warm out, red wine when it’s cold out. Coffee drink—iced mocha. Non-alcoholic non-coffee drink—Cherry Coke. (And don’t even try to give me that diet crap.)

Again, I was supposed to think of more questions and pass them along, and I'm sorry that I'm not doing that. I'm also one of those people that always stopped the chain-letter emails too. Whew! I'm exhausted after all that. Have a great weekend!

Song: I Wanna Talk about Me by Toby Keith


  1. Love these jeans. But I noticed all LOFT jeans are 34" inseem, which drives me nuts. That typically considered "Tall" in most stores. Why the heck do they only have one length and it's THAT long?

    Anyway, does that length work for you or did you have them hemmed? Was it worth it?

  2. great outfit

    PS please don't forget to enter my Stilla give away xoxo

  3. We totally featured that necklace once. It's even more fabulous on you than it was on the Anthro site!

  4. Thank you for the sweet shout out! Adore the outfit and that necklace!!!

  5. That necklace looks fantastic against the white shirt!! Loved reading your answers :)

  6. I like your blog, hope you will become a follower of my blog too?


  7. Love this look. And I think the same thing...really do people care what I eat, drink, my exercise or the fact that my dog is complete loaf.


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