Dinner Last Night: Pasta with Walnuts and Canadian Bacon

This just may be my favorite pasta dish. It doesn't sound like much, but believe me it's fantastic. I make the whole recipe so we can have leftovers, and I'm lucky if I get any. So it's Aaron-approved as well. Not surprisingly, it's a Rachael Ray recipe that I found several years ago, called Walnuts, Ham and Cheese... Oh My! Say what you want about the cheesy title; this pasta is delicious! I'm not even going to write out the recipe, because I wouldn't change a thing about the original. BUT... you could swap out another meat for the Canadian bacon. (I've tried prosciutto and pepperoni, the latter tastes great but gets a little greasy.) You can also substitute pecans, almonds, or pine nuts for the walnuts. But try the original way first. I think you'll be pretty happy.

If my raving and the picture below haven't done enough to convince you, maybe this will: There's an entire cup of Parmesan cheese in this pasta dish. Yes. One whole cup. 


  1. Can you believe I went 21 years without having bacon? Well my boyfriend and I are recent converts and major fans! We must try this out soon :)

  2. I can always make it without the bacon, right? Looks great!

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  3. I made this for dinner tonight after reading your post - SO GOOD!!!! Thanks for this inspiration!

  4. Yum, bacon! My boyfriend would love this!


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