Dinner Last Night: Italian Pork Chops and Mashed Potatoes

This comforting supper was perfect for our stay-in date night last night. I love the versatility of pork chops, and I try to buy them on the bone when they go on sale. They seem to stay so much juicier that way. And the breading, pan-searing, and finishing in the oven only added to the chops' deliciousness. I got the recipe (here) from AllRecipes.com. 

What goes better with pork chops than mashed potatoes, right? Honestly, what doesn't go well with mashed potatoes? I think I could eat them five nights a week. This version I made with russet potatoes, butter, mascarpone cheese and milk. Maybe not the healthiest side out there, but when it comes to mashed potatoes is healthy what you're really going for? I had some leftover mascarpone that I needed to use up, and I'm so glad I did. It made the potatoes so rich and creamy I'm still thinking about them. 


  1. Im a vegetarian, so I wouldnt eat the porkchops....but my son is a porkchop LOVER.....he loves them breaded best:)

    Now the mashed potatoes? Im ALL over those!! lol

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  2. Yum!!!! Can I come over for dinner sometime? LOL!


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