Dinner Last Night: Cheater's Lasagna

Lasagna is one of those meals that requires time and effort, which is one reason why it doesn't get made in my house. The other reason is that I actually like "lasagna-inspired" dishes better than lasagna itself. I know that some would consider me crazy, but the payoff on "real" lasagna simply isn't worth it. Enter dishes like Lasagna Pasta Toss and last night's meal: Lasagna Stoup. Both recipes are Rachael Ray's and both are hits in my house. This "stoup" (Ray's word for a combination of a stew and a soup) was easy and tasty. Our only complaint was that it was a little hard to eat, which could easily be remedied by breaking the lasagna noodles into smaller pieces or by swapping them entirely for a smaller cut pasta.

Basically this "stoup" is browned ground beef, a combination of tomatoes and stock, and broken lasagna noodles. Basil is added at the end, and each bowl is topped with both parmesan and ricotta cheeses. Add some bread for dipping and you've got yourself a hearty meal!


  1. what a great idea! and how delicious does your food always look? so delicious!

    heart: Kimberellie

  2. I'm adding this on my short list of recipes to try.

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  3. This TOTALLY is up my alley!! and guess what?? MorningStar makes hamburger crumbles, lol...Im all set to go!!

    Thanks again, for another GREAT recipe!!

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  4. Your food always looks so pretty!! I am all about the quickest way to maximum impact - this totally fits the bill!

  5. Umm! I am liking this cheater's lasagna! Just might have to stick it away for a rainy day!


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