Coffee Dunking Deliciousness: Chocolate Biscotti

So in honor of Halloween, I tried to find some orange colored chocolate chips (I've seen them--I know they exist!) and call this "Booscotti". However, I had no luck finding said chocolate chips. Maybe that was a sign that I should lay off the puns. But I guess since I'm telling you about it anyway it didn't really work. Enough about that, I'll get to the important part--the delicious chocolate biscotti. 

I got the recipe from Rachael Ray's Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine, the December/January 2009 issue (also found here). The biscotti recipe (which I made as written with the exception of subbing chocolate chips for cocoa nibs) accompanied a recipe for "Hot Maine Mudslides" that I unfortunately did not make. I took the lazy route and spiked my coffee with Baileys instead. Just so you know, I made these in the afternoon and did the coffee spiking in the evening. When I've had these every morning since, I've had my coffee with regular, non-alcoholic cream. I didn't want any of you worrying about me drinking too much. 

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic Halloween. I'm off to go celebrate with a nice glass of Cabernet. 
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  1. Those look so yummy! I always see colored chocolate chips at Hobby Lobby, if that helps. And I'm pretty sure I have the same coffee mug as you! Target?

  2. Looks great as usual hunnie.....:)

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  3. Heck to the yeah! I'm all about a good biscotti recipe!


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