These Boots are Gonna Walk All Over You

There was a chill in the air this morning, so I did it: I busted out the boots. I've been itching to wear them, but the weather hasn't been cooperating. And I wouldn't call today's weather perfect for boots either, but today was the first day that actually made me believe that fall is on its way. Therefore, boots. It's a celebration of sorts. 

This look is my take on this one from the beautiful Louise of Fifth Sparrow. To me, her look just sums up all that fall should be. I love her plaid shirt (and had to use every bit of self-restraint to keep myself from buying a similar one from the men's section at Target today), and its roomy proportion paired with skinnies and boots is spot-on. The temperature will be rising the next few days, so these black beauties may be returning to their box for a bit. But something tells me it won't be for long. 

Hooray fall!

Shirt: Merona, Target, Aaron's closet; jeans: Old Navy; earrings: Charlotte Russe; boots: Franco Sarto, Macy's

I may have picked up a few goodies for my upcoming giveaway today!

Song: These Boots are Made for Walkin' by Nancy Sinatra


  1. gorgeous look, very similar to what I wore today (not posted sorry). But you have inspired me to wear it again tomorrow except with boots!

    ooo, and I must say, I adore flat boots. heeled boots make me sort of angry actually... ;-) must have had a bad date or something with them!

    heart: miss furnellie

  2. You are absolutely STUNNING in those photos!!

  3. You're such a sweetheart! And wow, you look amazing here! Those boots are perfect, very similar to a pair I've been drooling over and trying (in vain) to justify! xxx

  4. Look at you all stylish in those boots!! They look fabulous on you!! I hope you dont have to put them away:(
    We both had "boot days", lol....

    Have a fabulous day!
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  5. Fab outfit! Man, I crave "boot days", still in the 90's here. And I have no boots, I haven't replaced my black ones that wore out. I'm now on the hunt...


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