Takin' Care of Business Every Day

Yesterday was one of those days off that doesn't feel like a day off. Love those, right? Since it was my only day off this week, I pretty much tried to cram my entire to-do list into yesterday. Bad idea. Not only did I not get everything done, but Aaron was greeted by a crabby, frazzled woman when he got home. I get really frustrated, you see, when I can't accomplish everything that I plan for the day. However, this condition can be remedied with offers of food and wine. So Aaron and I headed to Spin Pizza and I promptly forgot about my to-do list. (I don't recommend this treatment for daily use. Not only will you never get anything done, but you may have to start attending 12 step programs. But every other day? Sure.) 

This is what I wore to eat pizza and forget about my troubles. Elastic waist: perfect for Patate Pizza consumption. Belt: there to make sure I don't completely overdo it. I have to admit that I've had this skirt for several months now, and have been too afraid to wear it due to its length which is verging on inappropriately short. I had been waiting to wear it with tights, but since I was throwing caution and to-do lists to the wind, I went ahead and wore it, pale legs and all. I know. I'm a rebel.

Cardigan: American Eagle; tank: Mossimo, Target; skirt: Forever 21; necklace: Dean Harris for Target; belt: Loft; flats: Isaac Mizrahi for Target

Song: Takin' Care of Business by Bachman-Turner Overdrive


  1. Shea, that is so funny. The first thing I noticed was how short the skirt is. You usually don't wear things that short...and I don't know why not. Your legs are terrific ...TERRIFIC!... show them off more, will you!?! Very cute outfit. I hope the pizza was yummy and the wine was smooth.

  2. Too funny...elastic waist...I know what you mean...there are days every minute is spent before you even live it.....Im surprised Im not alloting time during my sleep!! hahaha

    You look pizza great...and super stylish...great skirt dollie!!!

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