She Was an American Girl

I'm looking quite patriotic today, don't you think? Blue jeans, nautical stripe tee, touches of red, white, and blue. I'm not sure that gold oxfords say "Americana", but they can't hurt. I feel ready to either hop on a sailboat or start up the grill. Funny thing is, I can't sail or grill. Even funnier thing is, I was in a Sailing Club in college. Somehow I missed the "Learn to Sail" meeting. I do remember one of the sailors having a really cute dog though. And the funniest thing of all (not funny ha ha, funny sad) is that I will be neither sailing nor grilling this fine evening. I will be going to work. It's "Ahoy mannequins!" for this fille américaine tonight. And instead of shrimp on the barbie, it will be bagel in the toaster. We can't all live our dreams. 

Cardigan: Loft; t-shirt: Gap; jeans: Loft; scarf: thrifted; earrings: Target; shoes: Aldo

Song: American Girl by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers


  1. Okay, you are adorable! I love this look! Funny, I did red, white and blue Monday - white top, navy shorts and red shoes.

  2. LOL....your post made me smile:) You look fantastic.....and I cant grill either...stripes are wheres its at this are looking fine!

  3. Love it! I hope you actually said "ahoy manequins" or even better, to a client. Anyways, I meant to correct this error a while ago but I realize I told you all my blog was "julianaenvenezuela" it's really "julianaenvalencia" If possible, mind passing that on to the others? Keep up the fun entries!

  4. Love this look - I am such a sucker for stripes and scarves!

    I need your email address for the Traveling Scarf, so if you could email me at I would appreciate it! Thanks!

  5. i like that your cardigan added a splash of color. :)


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