Must be the Season

Despite my farewell to summer, I still find myself reaching for the lights and brights in my closet. I look like I stepped right out of April to post these pictures. I just don't see myself as much of a fall-colors person. I love a nice dark green, a plummy purple, and goodness knows my penchant towards gray, but as far as fall and winter colors go that's about it (and even calling gray a fall color is quite a stretch). When I see shades of orange and dark red I think "Pretty. But not me." Do I need to expand my horizons a little? Maybe. But today, in spite of the fact that October is hours away, I'm rebelliously embracing another season's beautiful bright hues. 

Cardigan: Gap; shirt: Gap (way old); pants: Loft; shoes: Jessica Simpson

Song: Let Your Love Flow by the Bellamy Brothers


  1. I love it! I almost threw on my turquoise cardigan yesterday, instead I threw on a turquoise necklace. I love a happy color no matter what season!!

  2. I say go for it! That color looks great on you!!

  3. WHat a pretty color this color on you:)

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  4. i love the bright blue! gorg!


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