Cold Beer on a Friday Night

I spent my Labor Day weekend in Hutchinson, KS, where Aaron's family lives. It's always a relaxing trip; I did a lot of eating, and a lot of sleeping (and yes, a little beer drinking). Time well spent. I meant to have Aaron take my picture at some of my favorite "Hutch" spots, like Bogey's, a restaurant that specializes in their ice cream shakes. But as usual when there's food involved, my mind was more focused on the eating than on the picture-taking, so alas no pictures were taken. Well, I hope you had a great long weekend!

I was so excited for the three-day weekend, I just couldn't contain myself. (I also couldn't resist posting this--I'm sure you need something to laugh about now that the long weekend's almost over.)

Cardigan: Gap Outlet; t-shirt: Gap; jeans: Gap, from my mom's closet; shoes: Converse, Nordstrom (Yes, I look like a walking Gap commercial. But I hope that at least it's one of those cool ones, where they dance.)

Song: Chicken Fried by the Zac Brown Band


  1. You are so cute jumping, lol..I was thrilled to have three days off too....and now its over:(

    You look fantastic in yellow....!!!

    Statements in Fashion

  2. I love the second picture!
    Eating, sleeping, beer drinking... a perfect weekend!

  3. Love the "grellow". Must try out that color combo :) Following you know!

  4. So cute, very long weekend appropriate!


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