(Chocolate Chip and Walnut) Blondies Have More Fun

What do I do when I can't find a job? I bake. Or shop. Today it was the former. Basically, when left to my own devices, I try to sabotage either my budget or my waistline. But if these Chocolate Chip and Walnut Blondies are wrong, then baby, I don't want to be right. And after making them yourself, you won't either.

I got the recipe from Martha Stewart, so I wasn't surprised at how delicious they turned out. I was quite pleased, however, with how simple they were to make. You never know with Martha. 

If you do decide to make these (and you should!), err on the side of caution when baking. The recipe says to bake them for 40-45 minutes, but mine were done after about 37 minutes. In my opinion, blondies, brownies and the like are better when they're a tiny bit undercooked anyway. 


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